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The Hanover Pro

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The luxury of smart home security, with the touch of a finger.

The Hanover Pro door lock redefines the concept of home security with advanced materials and encryption technology, protecting your home, your properties, and your privacy.


The only 4-In-1 lock without the messy cables, power supply, or solar panels 

The Hanover Pro brings a sleek and modern design for an item that typically is not so fashionable. Moreover, it bridges the gap between home security and technology at an affordable cost. You carry multiple options for unlocking the lock with a biometric fingerprint sensor, a six-digit passcode, smart app or via metal key.


An easy installation process

Our lock installation process is no different than traditional style locks that are commonly found everywhere. The single bolt version will only take on average 15-30 minutes to install and have it running. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver and 4x AAA batteries!


Forget about being locked out

All Hanover biometric locks come with a multitude of safety and prevention features. Your lock can be set to automatically lock or remain unlocked with the touch of a button. Nevertheless, removing the need to physically lock your door every time you leave. The Hanover comes with backup methods pre-installed including a micro-USB port, two metal keys, and reset button located inside the handle. 


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